Amy Yoon's Computer Science 1 Webpage

This is the webpage for Computer Science 1.
I am learning C#. It's great program to learn how to code.
These programs are what I worked on during the first semester.

Good Bye Program


This project gives options to translate "Good Bye" in 4 other languages.

Help Page


This project gives an help page of a company, with logo, company name, and company description.

Mailing Label


This project gives mailing address using given data from the user.

Car Rental


This program gives you how much the user have to pay based on distance and time.

BMI Calculator


This program calculates BMI based on user's weight and height.

Car Rental Ver.2


This program gives you how much the user have to pay based on distance and time. This one has options of car and different charge.

Test Score Program


This program gives you average test score and better score from two test scores.

Dice Program


In this program, we learned how to genenrate random numbers and graphics.

Craps Game


This program have different winning system depend on what user got from the last number.

Slot Machine


This takes bet from user and randomly puts images which tells whether the user win or lose.

T-Shirt Program


This program tells you how much the customer has to pay depending on what the customoer chose. It also shows manager stats.

Fish Program


This program randomly move the fish and count the number of fish bumped to the wall.

Rose Bowl Program


This program gives result of the team depending on the game date and also gives school information on menu.